About Jazmin.



I’m Jazmin and I’m so thrilled that you’ve stopped by! This is the page where I get to introduce my self, and where you may learn a little bit more about who I am.


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I’m a proud first generation Latina mom from Costa Rica living in Salt Lake City Utah.


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I’m married to the handsome fellow you see photographed above.  This genuine, hardworking, and kind man is Shawn. He is a Computer Science student. He’s a complete left brainer and is all things science, tech and logic.  While I’m the polar opposite. I’m all things creative, artsy and colorful. I’d say we bring the best of both worlds and make a great team when we combine our talents.


We met in the winter of 2014, and I’ve been crushing on him ever sense the day we met.

Oh and do you want to hear something crazy? In 8 short months after we met, we were saying ‘I do’ across the alter to each other. 8 MONTHS! I guess when you know, you know.


Want to hear something even crazier? 3 months after saying ‘I do’, the pee stick had a big giant PLUS sign!

9 months later, we welcomed our handsome baby Ezra.

Obviously, we don’t waste time. Life has been a dream with my handsome boys by my side.


Besides being a wife and a mother, I am a student. I’m currently finishing up my degree in Education with an emphasis in English Language Learning. I love everything there is to teaching and language so I thought I’d combine the 2 and do what I love. I hope to share this same love of learning and language to you as well here on ‘Keepin it Fresco’.

P.S. I kid you not, I was about 5 months pregnant when this photo was taken. I had the tiniest baby bump. I honestly have no idea how Baby Ezra fit in there!


What else should you know about me? Oh yea… I have way to many hobbies! Below are my top three:

For starters, I love photography. The photo you see below is a 70’s inspired shoot I got to do with Maeberry Vintage. I’ve been taking photos on and off for the past 5 years and until recently I decided to pursue it full time. I love all the creative people I’ve gotten to meet during my photography journey and all the new things I’ve learned along the way. Every time I have a photoshoot, I learn something new. Currently my favorites have been lifestyle, portrait & fashion photoshoots. You can check out my portfolio by clicking here!

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Something I love more than photography is food. I’m a complete foodie, I love eating it as much as I love cooking it. My dream would be to publish a cookbook with all of the delicious Costa Rican plates my mom has taught me and call it ” La Rica Tica”. I kid you not, there is nothing better than my mama’s home made Aroz con Leche! I guess my love for cooking and being in the kitchen must have come from all those afternoons I spent with my mama dancing Cumbia in the cosina. Check out our recipes here!


My hands just love to create. I love making things. No there isn’t a particular craft that I’m an expert in because I just enjoy trying a little bit of everything. Sometimes I go through a sewing stage, then to a illustration state, then suddenly I’m in dabbling in DIY home decor.  For example, one week I was doing hand lettering then the week following that I remembered I had an old dresser I no longer wanted. Which led to my husband helping me turn it into a TV stand. I guess you can say I have crafting ADD. What can I say? I just love being creative.


Lastly, above all I love anything that has to do with home & culture. I love how the both can beautiful intertwine into one creating a unique family dynamic. This is what I am most passionate about. I truly believe that my passion for the home and my Hispanic culture comes from the dedication of my parents who helped me grow a genuine love for being Latina. They did this through food, family parties, travel, and education. Because of this they have not only created a genuine love for the  Hispanic Culture, but also for all the cultures around the world. I remember fondly the summers my parents spent taking us to all the Cultural Festivals in Utah just to learn and appreciate the diversity this world has. I hope that I can create this same passion and love, in my home and share it with you here on Keepin it Fresco.


Now I guess you can say your an expert on all things ‘Jazmin’.

I’m so grateful you’ve taken the time to be here and to get to know me  a little bit. If your ever in the Salt Lake area or see me out and about, don’t be shy! I would love to meet you in ‘real’ life!