What exactly does a Latina Lifestyle Blog include?

Keepin’ if Fresco, includes a lot of things and quite honestly my favorite part of this Latina Lifestyle Blog are the interviews with empowering and positive women in our very own communities. Primarily Latina women, but I will do my best to feature women from all backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. In these interviews, you’ll get to know incredible ladies as you hear about their struggles and moments of pride and joy in their journey of life. You’ll see that everyone’s story is so unique and see that not one women is the same. You’ll see that we don’t all fit our stereotypes, both physically and culturally.

To meet these wonderful ladies, click here.

In addition to the interviews, here you will also learn how to cook foods from all over Latin America all while learning how to dance Cumbia in the cocina while you cook! You will learn Spanglish and celebrate with us all our different traditions and holidays we hold true to our hearts. Also, you will see why we love Celia Cruz & Sabado Gigante SO MUCH!

In short, you will get a “fresco” perspective into what being a Hispanic/Latin@ really means.

 What does ‘Fresco’ mean?

Ah, yes! Your first Spanish lesson.

Fresco: Adjective: Not previously known or used; new or different. | Adverb: Newly; recently. | Urban Dictionary: Someone who has a totally different look and is unlike no other. “Bboy carter is fresh.”  | English Translation: Fresh.

Why a Latina Lifestyle Blog?

I’ve decided to create a Latina Lifestyle blog in hopes that it will become a bilingual, bicultural community & sisterhood for EVERYONE.   I hope that this community grows into a space for people to connect, learn, celebrate and love all the diversity and richness the Hispanic/Latin@ culture brings!

Photography? Fashion? How does that tie in?

If you know me at all you know that I’m a creative.  I love to create! One of the many ways I unleash my creativity is through Fashion & Photography. I love combining the two. I love styling shoots, from the look of the model, clothing, locations and props. I love taking photos and collaborating with other creatives as well. Here on Keepin’ if Fresco, you can see my portfolio in both areas.

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