What does Motherhood mean to you?

It’s Ezra’s birth month! Do you know what that means? That means that baby Ezra will be making his grand entrance any minute now.  I kid you not, I’m having some serious Braxton Hicks ( I hope that’s all they are…) right as I’m typing this.  I know I haven’t been all that good about posting about him on the blog. Rather, I’ve only posted a pregnancy announcement about him here and that’s about it. If you follow me on Instagram, or just know me in person you know he’s all that I talk about. But no worries, I’ll catch up soon and share with you about the pregnancy and yes, even about his birth when he comes. Trust me, soon my feed will be covered with Ezra.

Last month in May we talked a lot about mamas and how we celebrated them. Thank you so much for all of your support and contribution to the sisterhood to make last months post possible!  Today’s post is a couple days late, as I wanted to wrap up the month of mama-hood with another #frescosisterhood post. Although its late, I feel like it is fitting to squeeze it in now. Especially because this month, June 2016, this clueless girl becomes a mom.  AHH! With that being said, today I have some very close friends and family of mine who I look up to for their examples as mothers, and  as women. I asked them to define motherhood in their own words.

Before I send you off to read these incredible ladies words, I thought I’d answer my own question first. It would only be fair…right? So what does motherhood mean to me? If you think about it, motherhood is such a broad topic and the meaning of it is so different and unique to everyone you ask! There are women all around us that show examples of motherhood to us everyday. They don’t necessarily have to be mothers themselves but through there example of faith, kindness, selflessness, humility and joy they in there own ways are showing us what motherhood is all about.  When I sit back and think of motherhood, not only do I think of my mother, I think of all of the amazing women in my life who have helped shape who I am today. To me motherhood means to give life. Not only in its physical form, by giving birth to a child. I mean it by giving life to who you are, those little things that make you so unique. I think of all my tias who taught me the love of dancing and cooking and how they gave me life through music in the kitchen. I think of my art teachers who gave me my creativity life and pushed me to limits. I think of my close friends who give me life just by being around them by filling me with joy, laughter and support. I think of my leaders at church who gave life to my testimony and helped me strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father.  I think of my mother who not only gave me physical life, but also gave life to me in every single way. She gave life to my courage as she helped and pushed me to the best version of me. She has helped give life to my faith, while being my rock and example in difficult times. She has given my talents, hobbies and passions life sense I was a little girl letting me explore and try new things as I discover my self. I can go on and on, but I wont because I’m sure you get the picture. To me motherhood = life. In every single way.

With this being said, to conclude the month of motherhood, below are some AMAZING mujeres that have given me life in their own ways and through there examples. They’re not all mothers, but they are one of a kind women and have so much insight and wisdom to share. I hope you enjoy their kind heart felt words and that you too join the sisterhood and share your insight as well.

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